Hocus Pocus – dragged out at So You Think You Can Drag?

Video Link: Hocus Pocus – SYTYCD

During Halloween week for So You Think You Can Drag?; Boxxa Vine (Aaron Johnson) pulled out ALL the stops!  She started her number as Winnie Sanderson surprising the patrons with guest queens Champagne Bubbles (as Sarah Sanderson) & Jaclyn Honey Daniels (as Mary Sanderson) to help re-create the classic number we all know and love: “I Put a Spell on You”.  This performance had the audience captivated, with everyone chanting and singing along as the Sanderson sisters cast their spell – putting Boxxa Vine in the winning spot for the week!

And to no surprise, Boxxa Vine took home the win for the Runway Challenge as that queen can SEW!


Winifred wig by Wigs by Bobbie Pinz aka Bobbie Zlotnik 

Sarah/Mary wigs by Stephen James Markley.

Costumes by Boxxa Vine (Aaron Johnson

Video by Whitney Newman aka Pierretta Viktori